Experts from Five B&H Parties Were in Brussels Yesterday

brisel-bosnaExperts of five parties from the FB&H did not speak of one concrete model on election of members of the B&H Presidency at yesterday’s meeting in Brussels, said the Vice-President of SDP Lidija Korać, who participated in the meeting.

She added that they spoke of constitutional issues and electoral legislation, with the assumption that political leaders would reach an agreement.

‘’If an agreement is reached, then ethnic determinants in the election of members of the B&H Presidency would be removed from the Constitution. Principles of election of members of the Presidency would be found in the B&H Constitution, and everything else would be subject to the Election Law’’, she explained.

At the meeting on 31 October with EU Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fule in Budapest, representatives of five B&H political parties did not manage to reach an agreement on the implementation of the Sejdić-Finci ruling, but it was decided then that discussions should continue at an expert level.

(Source: Avaz)

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