The most expensive Food is in Switzerland, where is BiH on the List?

Foodini Food Festival klix.baAccording to the Eurostat research, the most expensive food in Europe is in Switzerland, and the cheapest one in Macedonia!

Hotels and restaurants in Croatia are cheaper by 29 percent than the European average, but no state can compete with the low prices that can be found in Montenegro.

Montenegrins are twice cheaper than some European countries.

Among the European countries, Denmark is most expensive when it comes to food, soft drinks and footwear, and in Sweden, one can find the most expensive clothing. On the other side, clothes and footwear are the cheapest in Turkey.

When it comes only to EU member states, the cost of living is the lowest in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. In this segment, outside the EU, Serbia and BiH are cheaper than Croatia.

The price of cigarettes and alcohol in Ireland is 75 percent above the European average.

(Source: radiosarajevo)

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