Exhumation from the Mass Grave started, Information given by a Bosnian Serb

At the Tomašica site near Prijedor, work has begun on the process of exhumation and search for missing persons. This is a location in a very inaccessible terrain, where preparatory mechanical work will be required, Klix.ba news portal reports.

There is information that the remains of Bosniak victims killed in the Prijedor area in 1992 are found at the site.

There are representatives of the Institute for Missing Persons (INO) of BiH, a forensic doctor, members of the Republika Srpska Prijedor Ministry of the Interior who are securing the location, as well as the necessary mechanization to prepare access to the location.

The process of searching for missing victims from Prijedor, at this location, began in coordination with the representatives of the victims’ association, who received information about the location from a person of Serbian nationality, residing in the area.

The process of preparation and exhumation works will continue in the coming days.

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