Exhibition “Shadow of Memory” by Ron Haviv to take place in the City Hall

The exhibition “Shadow of Memory” by Ron Haviv, which was opened as part of the program of cultural Module of Memory on March 30, was officially opened in the City Hall, and it will be available to all visitors of the City Hall in the period from June 11 to July 2.

This is a collection of rarely published or never seen photos created by this author, who is a friend of Sarajevo and our country, in the period of wartime BiH.

Visitors will have the opportunity to take a look at the photos that are thematically divided into seven different chapters: “Sarajevo – April 6”, “Bijeljina”, “Life in War”, “Concentration Camps”, “Reunification”, “Soldiers” and “Srebrenica”.

“While spending more time with my ‘new’ works, I am forced to experience everything I have forgotten once again. This reminds me that every single moment of time, regardless of the fact whether it was photographed or not, has the right to be seen, felt and understood. As the time passed by, the memories continued to exist under the surface, waiting to be awakened and seen once again. It is about time to reveal my shadows from the past,” said Ron Haviv during the preparations of the exhibition, and thus noting why is it even important to deal with things that happened in BiH, but also how those events personally shaped him.


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