Exhibition of Works by Enesa Ustamujić in Club “Rich”

sarajevo-starigrad-4The exhibition of works by young artist Enesa Ustamujić will be open today in Club “Rich” as part of the project “Art Summer”.

This is the sixth exhibition as part of the project, with the goal to raise awareness of all levels of government, citizens and the media on the importance of cultural-artistic manifestations established in Sarajevo.

Enesa Ustamujić is from Sarjaevo and was born in 1988. She is doing her graduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo.

Until now, she exhibited at collective student exhibitions at the Academy of Fine Arts and in high school of Applied Arts in Sarajevo, and this will be her first independent presentation of works.

She will present a cycle of 10 pictures “Life under Masks”. The pictures are a synthesis of psychology and sociology, in terms of how each individual wears a mask in society, all for the sake of the desired goal, announced Club ‘Rich’.

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