Exhibition of Džeko Hodžić in Montenegro

Dzeko_HodzicThe paints from the collection Stradanja” (Sufferings) of the  painter Džeko Hodžić from Sarajevo from 1st  August will be exhibited in the beautiful setting of the castle of King Nikola in Montenegro in the context of the festival Barski ljetopis“.

In front of  the Bar audience, there will be 135 exhibits, installations, works in wood, paintings, personal belongings that warn people of the destruction of collective memory and material culture in general.

“To the collection I have given universal meaning so that it can be set up in any country where there were wars. The title “Stradanja” (Sufferings) is associated to all the unfortunate things that war brings, such as destroying of the property, genocide, murder Among others, it will be exhibited the photography that witnesses turbulent times, the hypocrisy, and three photos of a new collection that talk about how we need help from the universe, help from the creator of the world that things gets better”, explained Hodžić, who yesterday started his artistic journey.

After Bar, where will be promoted even Hodžic monograph, in early September will be continued to Podgorica. However, as was pointed out by the source is very possible that this exhibition will be delayed if does not reach the planned deal.

“After that, I will go to Izmir, where will be held the Balkan Folklore and Culture Festival. Four more artist, Mansur Porović, Irfan Hozo, Seid Hasanefendić and Admir Mujkić will go with me. Each of us will present eight works. We will be guests of Izmir and of the Mayor of the city, so all the expenses will be paid”, said Hodžić.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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