Exhibition of Centuries Old Prayer Mats from Sarajevo Mosques

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The exhibition ” the Old Prayer Mats of Sarajevo Mosques ” was opened in Hanikah of Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque – where it will be set up until the 21st of December, as part of the event ”Selam, ja Resulullah ”.

Authors of the exhibition, Kenan Surkovic and Haris Dervisevic have been working on this project for 7 months, and they noted that it is the beginning of taking care of goods from Sarajevo mosques.

They found 43 prayer mats mostly in the old mosques, on the margins of the city, and they presented 26 of them at the exhibition.

Dervisevic said that local imams took care of them so far, and that it is now turn to do it in a more adequate way.

“These are the Anatolian prayer mats for the most part, which were made in the late 18th century and they are extremely valuable,” said Dervisevic.

Debate was also held on the same topic, where he also emphasized the value of the old prayer mats, rugs and carpets in the mosques of Sarajevo, and throughout BiH.

Deputy Chief Imam of the Islamic Community of Sarajevo Malik ef. Sljivo stated that only few people are really aware of their value.


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