Executive Program of cultural Cooperation between BiH and China signed

September 21, 2017 5:30 PM

The minister of civil affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Adil Osmanovic and the minister of culture of the People’s Republic of China Luo Shugang today in Dunhuang in China signed the Executive Program of cultural cooperation between the two ministries for the period between 2018 and 2021.

This document ensured direct cooperation between the cultural and artistic institutions of the two countries and will incentivize the exchange of cultural workers.

The exchange of artistic groups and exhibitions, the participation of artists and art groups at international music, art and film festivals, as well as other cultural events held in BiH and China, direct cooperation between artistic organizations and writers’ associations, the cooperation of libraries and institutions dealing with preservation of cultural heritage, as well as exchange of museum experts and conservators, are encouraged.

The two ministers exchanged opinions about the cultural cooperation of the two countries.

Osmanovic emphasized that BiH is a part of the platform for cooperation between China and the countries of central and east Europe. He confirmed the readiness of BiH to support cooperation, especially that relating to the exchange of people and experiences, specialization in various fields, cooperation in the field of heritage, creative industries, publications and films.

Osmanovic, while visiting China, participated in the ministerial forum at which the cultural and creative industries of BiH were recognized as one of the sectors that is expanding very quickly and is contributing more and more to the expansion of the economy.

“As such, I consider channeling our cooperation towards the exchange of people and experiences in the field of cultural and creative industries and especially in the part which relates to the application of new technologies and innovations in the field of culture,” Osmanovic concluded.

(Source: Akta.ba)



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