Exchange of High School Students For Stronger Ties Between Dayton and Sarajevo

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Deputy mayor dr. Ranko with his associates convened today on the premises of the City Administration for a reception for Cordell Williams, member of the Committee of Twin Cities of the city of Dayton.

During the reception, Williams presented the idea of the Committee to launch an annual exchange of high school students, one year in Dayton and one year in Sarajevo, with the goal to strengthen ties between these two twin cities.

Next year, a visit of 3-5 high school students from Dayton would be realized, who would live in Sarajevo with families. The visit to Sarajevo would last from 5-10 days at the most. In this way, students from Dayton would get to know the culture and traditions of Sarajevo and BiH. The number of students participating would increase every year.

Dayton has for many years been organizing student exchanges with high school students from other twin cities (Augsburg, German and Oiso, Japan), and the Committee decided to include Sarajevo high school students in the project.

Deputy Mayor dr. Čović said that he would be maximally engaged so that the city of Sarajevo would support the intent to organize in 2014 an exchange of students. He welcomed the project, and is convinced that it would contribute to the development of more quality relations and cooperation, of which citizens would have the most benefit, as well as students from Sarajevo and Dayton.

During the visit to Sarajevo, Williams visited the second and third gymnasiums, and representatives presented the most important projects and successes of students. They said that the schools have enough experience and capacity to support the exchange of students in cooperation with the city of Dayton.

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