”Ex-Yu Rock Scene” Exhibition in Tuzla on 15 August

strasniThe tireless chronicler of time Milomir Kovačević Strašni, after two successful exhibitions, which were shown this year to Sarajevo citizens, is preparing a new exhibition of photographs “Ex-Yu Rock Scene”. It will open on 15 August in Tuzla as part of the music festival “Kaleidoskop”.

The walls of the international gallery of portraits will feature 50 photographs, where Milomir will display the performances of the most significant bands and singers in the former Yugoslavia.

“The photographs appeared in concerts in Sarajevo until the war. The public will have the chance to see bands and singers of our past, whose songs are sung today, even if some of them are not performing any longer. Among many others, the photographs feature Dado Topić, Dino Merlin, Tifa, Brega, Bebek, Arsen Dedić, Josipa Lisac, EKV, Električni orgazam, Johnny Štulić…, said Milomir.

“We will see if we can organize also music of my choice or if we will bring someone to perform. This is still under negotiation’’, explained Milomir.

He said that he will come to Sarajevo on 12 September, where he will participate in the collective exhibition at “Collegium Artisticum”, which will deal with memories, interpretations of our history, as part of which a round table will also be organized.

The well-known Ukranian Director Sergej Loznitsa filmed a short movie in Sarajevo in the last few days called “Reflections”, inspired by the photographs of Milomir.


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