Everything that ATT Company produces is exported to Germany

March 31, 2018 10:00 AM

The ATT company from Gornji Vakuf is recording an incredible growth thanks to its engagement with German companies. Last year, they recorded a growth of 30 %, and this year they expect 25 to 30 %.

The fact that this company was selected among the top five companies in Dortmund speaks enough about the quality of this company, and they were declared as the best regional company in Belgrade as well.

All of these contracts represent a great incentive for ATT, and they are forcing the management of the company to work more and to invest in business plants. Last April, they started with the construction of a new production plant in the industrial zone in Gornji Vakuf.

Completion of works on this facility is planned for September 2018.

Total value of investment in warehouse and production object amounts to 3, 5 million BAM, according to the director of the company Telalovic. The new investment will also open new workplaces, and they are planning to hire 45 new workers in September.

This company also agreed the production of parts for machines that are used in the wood processing industry, parts for machinery used in agriculture and parts for the automotive industry.

The fact that the company will grow and employ new workers in the following years is confirmed by another investment, which was announced by director Telalovic. He stated that they are planning to purchase another location where they are planning the construction of the factory.

(Source: akta.ba)








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