Even 18 projects from BiH in the race for the first CIO Oscar. Find out which ones!

CIO_OscarThe first award ceremony to the best IT managers BiH that is organized by IDC Adriatics and CIO Club BiH aroused a great interest of the domestic IT experts. IT experts and directors could apply their projects that are started and realized within the organization or company during 2014, and for the so-called CIO Oscar even 18 projects were registered, and that 6 in the public sector and 12 in the private sector.

In the public sector IT experts from the following institutions have applied:

-The Civil Service Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina- Project: E-learning in the civil service institutions of BiH
-Agency for Identification documents, Evidence and the Exchange of Data- project: Implementation of the system of  issuing the new forms of passports (SAC passports)
-JP Autoceste FBIH DOO Mostar-project: Implementation of ITS (Intelligent Transport System) for the monitoring and managing the highway of the completed sections of the highway of corridor 5c in BiH
-JP Elektroprivreda BiH doo-Sarajevo, The subsidiary company Coal Mine “Zenica“ doo Zenica-project: Linking the objects of Coal Mine Zenica locality management and the Drive Raspotocje in the optical cable system of JP EP BiH dd Sarajevo.

-Republika Srpska-General Secretariat- project: “Renewal of Srpska“ (a project related to the help and information abput the catastrophic floods that affected the entire region)

-Institute for the Blood Transfusion Medicine FBiH-project: Implementation of the transfusion system RENOVATIO

In the private sector banking and credit institutions dominates and applied 5 out of 12 submitted projects:

-Transfer of the received accounts from Hypo-Alpe-Adria Banks to Asser Resolution associations in BiH (HETA d.o.o Sarajevo)

-Scanning of the loan documentation and integrations to the existing business processes of the approving of loan applications (Microcredit foundation “Sunrise“)

-Drag and Drop Banking (Reiffeisen Bank dd BiH)

-Information Security (Sparkasse Bank dd BiH)

-Implementation of IP Telephony, LAN and WAN consolidations, Server visualization/migration (ZoraatBank BH)

The company Violeta that is producing hygienic products, is the only private company that applied with three projects: Travel Sale, QlikView and Server virtualization.

Other projects from the private sector are: “Implementation of the applications GN3 and Advertising manager“ from the company Avaz-roto press d.o.o, “The introdction of IP Contactless POS terminals“ of the company DM drogerie markt d.o.o Sarajevo, “Printing smart solution“ of the company ECOTON d.o.o and “Automatization od data between heterogeneous IS-ERP/RIS“ of the company HOLDINA d.o.o Sarajevo (MOL Group)

The jury consisted of Semir Ibrahimovic (Bosna Bank International), Timur Gadzo (ZIS KS) and Faruk Smajevic (VGT Insurance) now starts with the evaluation of projects, and awards t the best IT directors in BiH will be awarded at the ceremony on 19th February in hotel Sarajevo.

“With this recognition IDC Adriatics, as a part of leading world market intelligence and consulting company in the field of informatics and  telecommunication technologies, recognizes and awards the individual achievement of IT managers in the state administration and private sector. We are pleased that we managed to convey the award to BiH as well after Croatia, and a remarkable number of applications allows us to claim that the IT sector in BiH is recognized as one of the key elements of business improvement and that IT community in BiH follows regional and global processes and trends“, said Ana Papez, regional director of IDC Adriatics.



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