Eurowings began selling Air Tickets at 39.99 Euros

After Mostar was selected for a new destination of the German low-cost airline Eurowings through an online poll conducted in October, the sale of tickets began.

Mostar got flights to Dusseldorf and Stuttgart, which will be in function for the next season, that is, from June 2018, and each week there will be two flights.

In addition, passengers from Dusseldorf and Stuttgart will be able to fly to another 110 different destinations.

The introduction of these lines will double the number of passengers at Mostar Airport for the next year. 60,000 new passengers are expected, as well as 45 new jobs in Mostar.

The starting price in for a one-way ticket is 39.99 Euros.

Eurowings currently has 160 aircraft and next year this number will pass two hundred, making this company the third largest low-cost airline in Europe.


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