The European Commission’s Questionnaire soon to be finalized

The finalization of the answers to the European Commission’s Questionnaire is in the final stage, followed by translating the document into English, according to the information on the activities of the Directorate for European Integration, which was discussed today by the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The information was discussed at today’s session as a part of the regular reporting of the Council of Ministers on the European integration process.

Today, the ministers received information and information on the Training and Exercise Plan of the members and units of the BiH Armed Forces stationed abroad for 2018, which the Ministry of Defense will submit to the BiH Presidency and the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, the Council of Ministers said.

Within the framework of cooperation with NATO, or under the auspices of the NATO Joint Command, members of the Armed Forces of BiH will actively participate in nine exercises.

At the same time, within the B9 initiative, five members of the Armed Forces of BiH will participate in the “Balkan Shield 2018” exercise.

Within other initiatives, members of the Armed Forces of BiH will actively participate in one exercise, while simultaneously participating in four more planning conferences and workshops to prepare for exercises that will be held in 2019 and 2020.


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