The European Commission to Plan the Approval of 60 Million Euros for Mitigation of the Consequences of Floods

EU commissionThe BiH Council of Ministers adopted the Information of the Directorate for European Integration on ongoing and planned IPA funds for flood recovery, stating that a program of the EU for BiH flood recovery has been launched with the amount of 42.24 million Euros, which will be realized through the United Nations Development Program in BiH (UNDP) until October 2016.

In the framework of this project it is planned to rehabilitate schools, public institutions, social and health facilities, critical water supply systems, as well as local roads and bridges in areas affected by floods and the creation of 2,000 new ones and preserving the existing jobs.

The program is intended for the reconstruction of 4,000 housing units for approximately 14,000 people, 90 educational institutions, four health care facilities and four centers for social protection, three municipal buildings (Šamac, Maglaj and Doboj), and 100 local roads and bridges. As a reminder, the funds in the amount of 42.24 million Euros have been diverted from IPA 2011 – 2013.

At the same time, the European Commission may approve more than 60 million Euros for mitigation of the consequences of floods in BiH from regional program IPA 2014 after Bosnia and Herzegovina implements the procedures for entry into force of the Framework Agreement of IPA II for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These funds would be implemented by means of specific measures and savings from the State program of IPA 2012.


(Source: Fena)

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