Euro-Asfalt’s Construction Site in Montenegro officially opened

euroasfaltThe construction site of BH company Euro-Asfalt on the route Lubnice – Jezerine (the locality of Berane – Kolasin) in Montenegro, was opened with a short ceremony in the presence of high officials of the Government of Montenegro.

Mayors of these municipalities expressed their satisfaction that these two towns in Montenegro will be connected with modern roads, as announced from Euro-Asfalt.

“This is a project that has great economic significance not just for these two municipalities, but for the entire north of this country. Works will include a total of 14.4 kilometers of the route section, and the journey from the town Berane to the town Kolasin will be shortened by about 40 kilometers. Euro-Asfalt is a credible company that guarantees that the project will be completed on time,” said the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic.

“We have large resources at our disposal, we can physically achieve a lot, and even finish all works before the deadline of 36 months. We hope that weather conditions, which can be bad here, will allow us to do it. We are also grateful for all the support and help that we receive from state institutions. We are here to successfully carry out this project to the end,” stated Ramic.

At this tender, whose value is slightly more than 80 million BAM, Euro-Asfalt won against the renowned companies from BiH, Albania, Turkey and China.



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