EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion conducted Firing Exercise in Bosnia and Herzegovina


EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion, Hungarian Company, conducted a life firing event in Pazaric, on 12 November, in order to keep their shooting skills at a high standard. During the live firing event COMEUFOR, Major General Reinhard Trischak and the Commander of the Multinational Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Manfred Leitner, joined the company to observe the soldiers’ skills and also to take the opportunity to fire the SZVD 7.62mm and the Gepárd M1 12.7mm rifles.

Captain Zsolt Aradi, whose soldiers took part in the training said,

“Constant maintenance of shooting skills is an essential part of ensuring our troops are operationally capable. I was pleased with their performance at the ranges today.”

In addition, EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion, Turkish Company, was put through a challenging range of tests at Rajlovac, on Saturday 9 November, to ensure their new joiners were up to the high standard of competence needed to be judged “fully operationally capable”.

Platoon Leader, 1st Lieutenant Tahir Sen, said,

“This exercise is a good chance to see the full capability of the company as they operate under the command of the Multinational Battalion. It is important to conduct this kind of training under realistic circumstances so that we know the troops are ready for any mission.”

To pass this peace support operations training the soldiers had to perform exercises in Crowd Riot Control, Civilian Evacuation and Medical Evacuation using the correct procedures as well as deal correctly with the inputs of the training staff.



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