EUFOR Multinational Battalion and BiH’s Armed Forces held Joint Exercise

November 8, 2018 8:00 AM

Soldiers from the Turkish Company from the EUFOR Multinational Battalion (MNBN) took part in a combined training exercise near Bihać at the Adil Bešić barracks, home of the AFBiH 6TH Brigade.

The exercise was the pinnacle of almost 6 months training between the 2nd Infantry Battalion of the 6th Brigade and the MNBN. They were joined for this exercise by a squad of the BiH Ministry of Interior special police.

The training was designed to prepare the AFBiH soldiers for Peace Support Operations (PSO’s). The scenario included force protection of a camp, patrolling, check points, explosive device destruction and medical evacuation (MEDEVAC).

The training was a big success and was led for the AFBiH by Commanding Officer Major Sead Šehić and was witnessed by the EUFOR Mobile Training Team.

Earlier, members of EUFOR Joint Military Affairs (JMA) conducted a successful visit of an Ammunition Storage Site near Rudo. The purpose of the inspection was to check on the progress of a 100 percent inspection being carried out by the Armed Forces of BiH teams.

Such visits are undertaken by JMA regularly under the authority of the General Framework Agreement for Peace (GFAP) otherwise known as the Dayton Accord.

JMA officials have developed inputs with particular regard to Ammunition Storage Sites (ASS), Weapons Storage Sites (WSS), Defence Industry Factories (DIF), movements of Ordnance, Munitions and Equipment (OME) and demining issues.


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