EUFOR Members support Demining Efforts in Kladanj

COMEUFOR Major General Alexander Platzer and COM NATO HQ Sarajevo Brigadier Eric General Folkestad conducted a visit to an AFBiH demining site in Kladanj. At the demining site they were briefed by Major General Radovan Ilić, Commander of the Operations Command, Armed Forces Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The current project on site consists of 2.18 km², having commenced last month it is forecast to run for fourteen months concluding in May 2022. In accordance with the AFBiH monthly demining plan the site will be clearly by a combination of two manual demining teams and one additional machine to be used for mechanical ground preparation.

Upon completion of the briefs from Maj Gen Ilić and the demining Battalion commander Col Dzevad Zenunovic, COMEUFOR expressed his gratitude for the conduct of visit and that he was very satisfied with what he had observed. COMEUFOR acknowledged that demining is not a fast process, that it requires time, patience and continued support. EUFOR Operation Althea will continue to support the demining efforts in BiH, through close cooperation with BHMAC AFBiH and other relevant organisations.

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