EUFOR is closely monitoring the Situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina


EUFOR is closely monitoring the situation and will continue to follow, EUFOR told N1 TV following recent developments on the Bosnia-Herzegovina’s political scene, top officials’ speeches on the possibility of secession of the Republika Srpska entity as well as the situation in the region.

“The EUFOR mandate under the General Framework Agreement for Peace implies support for a secure and stable environment in Bosnia-Herzegovina. So far, these political developments have not affected a safe and stable environment,” EUFOR said.

They recall that UNSCR 2496 (2019) of 5 November 2019 extended EUFOR’s executive mandate for the next 12 months.  The resolution also affirms that any amendment to the Constitution must be made in accordance with the procedure for amending the Constitution set out in the text of the Constitution.

“EUFOR has the sole responsibility of supporting the BiH’s authorities in maintaining a safe and stable environment,” EUFOR noted.

EUFOR has a Multinational Battalion which enables it to respond as required to support BiH authorities in the maintenance of a safe and secure environment. It has never been required to act in this capacity. EUFOR has a small footprint in terms of personnel, but has the ability to quickly bring in reserve forces from around Europe supplement its capabilities. EUFOR has other assets which enable its work within BiH, including helicopters and an Explosives and Ordinance disposal team. It also maintains a network of 17 Liason and Observation Teams (LOT) throughout BiH which liaise with the local community and help to ‘feel the pulse’ of the situation.

In February 2007, troop levels had been decreased to around 1,600 after the European Council scrutinised the ongoing security situation in BIH and deemed that the force levels of EUFOR could be restructured. At the same time EUFOR increased its overall situational awareness within BIH by having integrated Liaison and Observation Teams (LOTs) within the BIH community. Following another restructuring process in 2012, EUFOR troop levels have been reduced to approximately 600 and the Force is now mainly focusing on collective and combined training alongside the AF BiH. An out-of-country Intermediate Reserve Force can be called upon on short notice to ensure the capacity to swiftly intervene in support of BiH Law Enforcement Agencies in order to maintain the safe and secure environment if needed.




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