EUFOR Chief of Staff presided over an International Medal Parade

On Wednesday, August 1st, EUFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Gabor Horvath presided over an International Medal Parade at Camp Butmir.

One hundred and one military personnel were awarded the European Union Common Security and Defence Policy Medal for Operation ALTHEA. Awarding the medal, General Horvath told participants: “Each and every one of you has contributed to the success of the EUFOR mission, and the medal represents the practical and positive affirmation of your government’s commitment to the people of BiH.”

He spoke of the sacrifice made by families whose loved ones serve far from home, saying: “I am sure that your absence from home has been worthwhile. I wish you every success for the future.”

The duty of Parade Commander was given to Wing Commander Jim Doyle of the UK’s Royal Air Force who is renowned for having the shiniest boots in Camp Butmir, who said: “It was an honour to be asked to be the Parade Commander for the medal ceremony and to receive my medal at the same ceremony as my three British colleagues at the mission.”

COS EUFOR thanked all those on parade for their dedicated service in BiH. Seven of the 18 countries of EUFOR were on the parade: Austria, Chile, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. “They contribute across a wide range of areas and are tireless in support of maintenance of the safe and secure environment in BiH.”

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