EU Political and Security Committee Ambassadors visited EUFOR HQ

During the EU Political and Security Committee (PSC) visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, their visit included briefings at HQ EUFOR in Camp Butmir, LOT House Novo Sarajevo, and Rajlovac Barracks.

During the PSC’s visit to HQ EUFOR on Thursday 29th November they were briefed on the political and security situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Welcoming the 34-strong PSC delegation, COMEUFOR said: “This is a great opportunity for us to provide an overview of the mission and to show how EUFOR contributes, on the PSC’s behalf, to the safety and security of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Thanking COMEUFOR after the presentations and questions, the PSC Chair, Sofie From-Emmesberger said:

“This presentation helps to put many elements of our visit into context, and we are all looking forward to the field visits”.

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