EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Chief to appoint Special Representative for the Western Balkans


European Union foreign affairs and security policy chief Josep Borrell will meet with EU foreign ministers on Monday, news portal reports.

According to media reports, Borrell will present to the ministers a plan to appoint an EU Special Representative for the Western Balkans.

There has been talking of such an idea for a long time, and now it seems that the time has come to realize the idea.

On Monday, a meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council is being chaired by this Spanish diplomat, and Borrell will present the plan to ministers at that meeting.

Although there is still no official confirmation as to who that representative could be and exactly what his role would be, for now only one name is mentioned in the public – Miroslav Lajcak, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia and former High Representative of the international community in BiH.

It is still unknown what his role will be and whether he will be responsible for the entire Western Balkans or only for the Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo territories, but Brussels sources say his priority will be a dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

Should an agreement be reached on Monday on this issue, the Western Balkans Special Representative should begin his term at the end of the year after all the procedures for his official appointment have been completed.



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