EU Diplomats Visited Mrkonjić Grad Today and Spoke With Municipal Representatives

mrkonjic_grad_2_2Deputy Head of the EU to B&H Renzo Daviddi, Ambassador of Czech Republic to B&H Tomaš Szunyog and representative of the British Embassy Christine McNeill visited Mrkonjić Grad today, where they discussed the development of this local community with its leaders.

Deputy Head Daviddi said that today’s visit to Mrkonjić Grad was organized in order to become familiar with the situation in this municipality, and said that the EU is interested in local development.

Ambassador Szunyog said that the Czech Republic donates to B&H 2,5 million Euros every year for various projects and that it would continue to do so for another three or four years.

‘’It is important only to suggest good projects. We cannot solve all problems in B&H and at the local level, but we can help with specific projects’’, he said.

British Embassy representative McNeill said that she is familiar with the potential of this municipality, above all in the area of tourism.

‘’I am aware that often municipalities are more successful than higher levels of government and I am glad to see that this is the case here’’, she said.

Mayor of municipality Mrkonjić Grad Divna Aničić said at today’s meeting that they spoke of local economic development, the untapped tourism potential, as well as activities that the municipality undertakes to improve the situation of young people.

‘’We spoke about our projects in the area of economy, such as attracting investors for the construction of silicone factories and starting textile industries’’, she said.

EU representatives walked through the city today, and visited local blacksmith Ahmo Zonić and the museum of ZAVNOB&H, after which they spoke with representatives of the local youth organization ‘Center’.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)


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