EU Delegation to BiH welcomes the adoption of the countrywide Framework Energy Strategy

The EU Delegation to BiH and EU Special Representative welcome the adoption of the countrywide Framework Energy Strategy by the BiH Council of Ministers yesterday.

This is an important step towards unlocking financial support to BiH’s energy sector under IPA II. It is also about setting a vision for the future development of the energy sector in BiH, tapping into its potential that can drive sustainable economic growth, and setting up a framework for viable investments.

This strategy should help Bosnia and Herzegovina address issues of security of supply, diversification of supply sources, efficient and environmentally sustainable use of indigenous resources, as well as promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The EU encourages BiH authorities to seriously take into consideration environmental aspects to be aligned with EU standards and policies in order to ensure overall sustainable development and growth.

We stand ready to continue working with all relevant stakeholders to define its support to the sector, which can serve as the backbone for overall economic growth of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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