EU Delegation to BiH praises BiH’s Activities in dealing with Migrants’ Influx

May 23, 2018 9:00 AM

The Head of Rule of Law Section of the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Bosnia and Herzegovina Richard Wood welcomed the coordinated activities that country institutions have done in connection with inflow of migrants at the meeting with minister for human rights and refugees Semiha Borovac on Tuesday here.

Borovac introduced Wood with the current situation with migrants residing on the territory of BiH, enumerating the measures that have been taken so far by country’s institutions. She said that BiH has fulfilled the primary goal, which is a humanitarian care of migrants, the official Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees website said.

The special focus of the meeting was put on successful accommodation of 270 migrants in the refugee center Salakovac near the city of Mostar, some 130 kilometres southwest from the capital. Borovac explained how migrants are provided with accommodation, two meals per day, hygienic conditions, a team of translators as well as psycho-social support.

As a conclusion, Borovac announced that there will be a regional conference organized soon where country ministries will insist on common measures for solution of migrants’ problems where the European Union’s assistance and support is expected through activation mechanisms. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is faced with the increased influx of migrants whose number exceeded 3,500 since the beginning of this year, three times more than the total number of registered migrants in 2017, official data revealed earlier in May.

Sarajevo Times


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