EU Coordinator in Fight Against Terrorism Spoke With B&H Minister of Security

Ministar Radoncic fotografijaThe B&H Minister of Security Fahrudin Radončić met today in Sarajevo with Giles de Kerchove, the EU Coordinator in the fight against terrorism. He is on an official visit to our country.

In a long meeting with Minister Radončić, they spoke of security challenges in B&H and beyond, and how institutions of the EU could help B&H more in this sector.

Kerchove positively emphasized the efforts of B&H in the fight against terrorism and the B&H Ministry of Security due to the launched legal and other initiatives that help create a safer environment for B&H and it strategic friends.

In addition to the information on the efforts and positive roles of B&H law enforcement agencies, Minister Radončić told Kerchove that the B&H Ministry of Security several months ago formed a Task Group for the fight against terrorism, with the B&H Chief Prosecutor at the head, and that amendments to the B&H Criminal Code were sent to the parliamentary procedure, which provides for sanctions for people who participate in recruiting or who are involved in paramilitary formations and secret police in other countries.

(Source: Avaz)

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