EU Can Abolish Visa-Free Regime if Number of Asylum Seekers Increases

pasos-bihThe Council of Ministers of the EU adopted a regulation at its meeting on amendments ot the regulation of the Council of Europe that applies to citizens of third countries as well as countries in the Western Balkans regarding entering the borders of the EU.

The amended regulation introduces a new safeguard clause, a ‘suspension mechanisms’, that allows the temporary introduction of a visa regime under specific circumstances to nationals of third countries who can travel freely in the EU without a visa.

This mechanism will apply only in specific situation if there was a sharp increase in the irregular influx of refugees or unfounded applications for granting asylum in the EU.

Otherwise, it is known that the European Commission, on the proposal of one or more EU countries, has the authority to assess whether the nationals of certain countries will seek again visas to enter the ‘Schengen Zone’.

Otherwise, it is stated that the ‘safeguard clause’ does not refer to any particular country, but can be applied to any country whose citizens misuse the right to travel through an EU country freely and without visas.


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