EU and UDAS established Peer Support Groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina


In order to mitigate the effects of home isolation and to preserve mental health of persons with disabilities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Organization UDAS, supported by the European Union, has established peer support groups for persons with disabilities in local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Given that persons with disabilities have specific needs and special attention is paid to their mental health, online support programs are also planned to help beneficiaries of such groups. By  providing these services we want to meet all of benefciaries’ needs and take all appropriate measures in accordance with current situation. All groups will be supported by a team of supervisors consisting of a psychologist and a social worker. In accordance with instructions of competent authorities, peer support shall be provided through means of communication available online.

Two types of peer support groups have been established:

– Peer Support Groups for Mine Victims: Groups have been formed in Banja Luka, Doboj, Bijeljina, Trebinje, Derventa, Brcko, Istočno Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Donji Vakuf, Travnik, Konjic, Mostar and Bihać.

– Peer Support Groups for Women with Disabilities: Groups have been formed in Prijedor, Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Bijeljina.

Peer support groups have been formed to facilitate easier access to needed information, support and encouragement among persons who are in the same or in similar situation. These groups are a place where persons with common problems and needs can share experiences, help each other in difficult times in order to preserve good health and achieve well-being for all members.

Peer support groups have been established under European Union funded project „Communities of Different, but Equal Citizens“ implemented by UDAS in partnership with the Helsinki Citizens’ Parliament Banja Luka and „Nešto Više“ Sarajevo.

For any additional information, persons with disabilities can contact UDAS at or through Peer support groups on social network Facebook.

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