EU Allocated 4,8 Million Euros for Vaccination of Foxes in B&H

vakcinacija_lisicaAt the airfield in Ciljuge near Živinice the start of the fall campaign for the oral vaccination of foxes in B&H was officially marked, and the aim is to control and combat rabies.

The project is being implemented with funds from the EU, and in the next three years 4,8 million Euros will be allocated for the project. The implementation of the project will last until 2016, by which time the complete eradication of rabies in wild animals will be complete.

‘’Rabies is a disease from animals that can have dangerous consequences for human healthy. The disease knows no administrative boundaries and because of this, it is necessary to synchronize their actions in surrounding countries in order to eradicate rabies, and foexs are considered the ‘reservoir’ of the disease and hence it is necessary to vaccinate them’’, said Marin Schieder from the EU Delegation to B&H.

(Source: Fena)

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