Ethiad Airways is Looking for Cabin Crew Candidates in Banja Luka

Etihad_Business_ClassEthiad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is looking for people from the RS with experience and skills in the field of hospitality to join a cabin crew of the leading airlines in the world.

The cabin crew company Ethiad Airlies is stationed in Abu Dhabi. The UAE employs a wide range of people, including chefs for the diamond first class, managers for food and drink for the business class, and flight attendants for the premium and economy class.

Aubrey Tiedt, the Vice-President for guests said: ‘’Ethiad Airways is looking for motivated individuals who are eager to begin a new and exciting career in a first class airline company. Candidates will be trained in all aspects of safety in the cabin and in the preparation and provision of services. They will develop new skills with a leading team of professionals in this field, and at the same time will make new friends and get to know the world’’.

People interested in a job with Ethiad Airways are advised to submit their applications on-line at the address of the company, after which candidates will be called for an interview. It is necessary that the candidates for Ethiad Airways are older than 21, fluent in English, and knowledge in other languages will be an additional advantage.


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