”Erogene zone’’ at Sloga on 9th August

DV020_Jpg_Jumbo_512120.010_naturalAfter a fantastic concert last year, the iconic BiH Club “Cinemas Slogawill once again host one of the best bands in the former Yugoslavia Erogene Zone”.

The concert will be held on 9th August, starting at 22 pm.
Erogene Zonewas created in Sarajevo in 1992 and until now they have recorded four studio albums.

The band makes a great group, leaded by Almas Smajlović, vocalist and bassist.

Many would say, that Muhammad (Muki) Trnka is the best guitarists in this region, together with Almas, he is the only band member who is from the very beginning in the band.

And of course, for drums, Nihad Malićbegović, a former member of the popular band Knock Out”.

Tickets can be soon bought to the club Cinemas Sloga” for a price of 10Km, and also the reservations can be done on the


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