Equipping of the Isolation Ward in Abdulah Nakas Hospital to start soon

Delegation of Sarajevo Canton, which included doctor Alma Kadic from the Ministry of Health, doctor Seniha Celik from the Institute of Public Health, as well as engineers from the Institute of Construction, together with doctor Sead Zeljko, President of the Board of the General Hospital, and doctor Davorka Matkovic, head of the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, visited the facility of the former Army Medical Center in the area of the General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakas”.

This facility is planned for the needs of the isolation ward. The facility was assigned to the Public Health Institute of the Sarajevo Canton by a decision of the Government of the Federation of BiH on July 2 this year, the General Hospital announced.

Kadic informed those present that the conclusion of the Government of the Sarajevo Canton is that the Institute for the Construction of CS should make certain measurements as soon as possible and make a proposal for the rehabilitation of the facility.

In the first phase, cleaning and painting of the building and construction and other works are planned. In the second phase, they would start equipping the isolation ward with the necessary medical equipment. The money for the first phase of works in the amount of 160 thousand BAM was provided by the Government of CS and transferred to the Ministry of Health. The entire project will be implemented in cooperation with UNDP.

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