Epidemic of Salmonella has been declared in Teslic

An epidemic of salmonella has been declared in Teslic after 50 patients who had symptoms of intestinal infectious diseases were registered.

Doboj Hospital confirmed that one patient, out of a total of 12, from Teslic, who had been kept in this hospital with symptoms of food poisoning for the past four days, had been infected with Salmonella, RTRS reports.

All patients consumed food from the same restaurant in Teslic.

Teslic Health Center “Sveti Sava” announced that from August 3rd, until Friday, around 50 patients with symptoms of intestinal infectious diseases have been registered in this institution and that it far exceeds the usual number of patients.

After contacting them, it was found out that 20 of them consumed chicken and mayonnaise sandwiches at one bakery in the city area from August 2nd to August 6th, and that two were eating at another bakery and six patients said they ate at home.

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