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Envision the Future, use professional Sports Data without Limits! Apply now!

We have seen some rapid evolution of technology during the past decade. The emergence of new platforms, technological innovations as well as solutions and applications using sports data have paved a new way for the consumption of sports content and have reinvented the way fans experience sports.
Moving beyond reality seems to be the order of the day – providing everyone with access to a completely new set of experiences – providing fans with the ability to enjoy sports in a new immersive and engaging way. Virtual Reality, for example, will allow fans to consume sports content, socialize and interact through a virtual environment, while Augmented Reality will create a whole new layer of interaction between what we see and the action taking place in front of us. Will our living room turn into a stadium-like experience?

Furthermore, much faster than we may well expect, fans are going to be able to socialize around live games at the venue or elsewhere, from multiple devices and at any time. The role that data and analytics play in sports will undergo a shift. Experts are convinced that access to an extremely powerful “big data infrastructure” as well as artificial intelligence tools, will have a profound impact on the world of sport.
But we should recognize that there is more than just numbers and real-time events when it comes to talking about sports data. Nowadays, not only do fans demand more detailed data but increasingly, athletes and coaches are willing to apply hard statistics to their training programs. Indeed, the development of wearable technology is turning tracking data into actionable recommendations: impacting the relationship between coaches, athletes, sports and even fans.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are allowing the creation of smart messaging platforms, bringing an innovative and convenient solution to sports enthusiasts and punters. Technology is allowing the development of meaningful conversations between humans and computers, creating natural interactions which were unimaginable 10 years ago. Indeed, fans can now engage with robots from the comfort of their own living room – just ask Alexa!

There is enough basis to believe that the way sports will be consumed will continue to be re-invented. Indeed, the development of value propositions based on state-of-the-art technology together with sports data will continue the transformation of not only sports consumption but the performance of sports themselves.

Sportradar collects millions of data points per second in real time feeding existing applications. Do you see a hidden potential in sports data?

Your challenge: Envision the future, use professional sports data without limits!
Applications will open on 15 September, until then contestants can gather the team or come up with an idea. Follow us on the website for the news or subscribe to the Innovation Hack newsletter.

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