Environmentalists warn on Large Number of Dead Fish in Busko Lake

In the part of Busko Lake, from Vrilo to Prisoje, a large amount of dead fish was noticed, and employees of the Hercegbosna County Inspection Administration are in the field to determine the circumstances under which the fish died, confirmed the director of that administration Dubravko Kovacevic.

The report of the fish death was sent to the Administration by the residents of the Tomislavgrad settlement of Prisoja, which is located next to the lake.

Fishermen who are most often in that part of the lake believe that the death occurred either due to uncontrolled placement of nets, or explosives, or due to lack of oxygen in the water caused by the increased presence of harmful organic matter from surrounding livestock farms.

”Inspectors will determine the factual situation and take all activists in accordance with the regulations and, if necessary, take a sample of fish for analysis,” said Kovacevic.

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