Entrance of Croatia to the EU Is New Hope for All Countries of the Balkans

radmanovicChairman of the BiH Presidency Nebojša Radmanović said that the ‘entry of Croatia to the EU is new hope for all countries in the Balkans that are not yet EU members” on Sunday night to Fena Agency after the gala dinner to celebrate Croatia’s EU accession.

He thinks that he considers it likely BiH will do the same regardless of the problems that it has.

“If you have thousands of kilometers of border with the EU, then this is already one important change and for our consciousness and relations between BIH and the EU. I hope that this would be a boost to all politicians in BiH, who due to some internal misunderstandings or failing consensus did not succeed to make a move’’, said Radmanović.

Sensing the progress of Croatia, he said that this is a chance for us to ‘try to resolve the issue of changes to the Constitution, to align the Constitution with the EU Convention on Human Rights, which would mean a credible application for candidate status’’.

With thousands of kilometers of border with the EU, Radmanović at this moment sees it more as a disadvantage than as an advantage, because BiH did not solve the border issue.

“We do no have an agreement on borders. In several places we have problems, so we have a border problem with the EU. The second disadvantage is more important for the EU than for us, as well as for Croatia, because it is part of a territory that is not connected with the rest of Europe and Croatia’’, said Radmanović.

He said that while others did not think of whether we needed six crossings at the least, Chairman of the BiH Presidency spoke about this two and a half years ago with the Croatian President.

He said that this is logical today, because “Croatia with Slovenia had four crossings at a third of our borders, and now we have two borders’’.

Since he thinks this might cause problems with farmers in our country, there needs to be work done on this.

On the other hand, the advantage is that now there is a border with the most powerful economy in the world.

Speaking of the relations of BIH with Croatia after accession, he said that in the next period the BiH Presidency will work to further intensify relations.

“Generally, we could not be dissatisfied apart from these border crossings. Croatia has helped BiH up until now towards the European path. Regardless of who was in government in Croatia at the time, Croatia supported BiH in concrete things, and we hope that it would be more concrete now’’, said Radmanović for Fena in Zagreb.

(Source: Fena)

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