Entities agreed on Distribution of 165 million BAM collected by Increased Excises

Yesterday at the session held in Banja Luka, the Board of Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH (ITA BIH) made a temporary decision on distribution of revenues from road tolls, i.e. from excises on fuel.

Concluding with today, a total of 165 million BAM will be distributed so that the FBiH will receive 59 % of this amount, 39 % will be given to the RS and Brcko District will receive 2 %. That is the old ratio of distribution, despite the fact that the FBiH asked for larger percentage of collected revenues.

These funds are distributed from special sub-account of Unique account of revenues obtained since February 1, 2018. The amendment of the Law on Excise Duties is in use since that date, and tolls in the amount of 0.25 BAM per liter of fuel sold on the market of BiH is collected on special sub-account.

These are funds dedicated to the construction of highways and construction and reconstruction of other roads in BiH.

Moreover, the amendments to the Law on Excise Duties, which should introduce moratorium on further increase of excise on cigarettes in the next three years, were supported at the session in Banja Luka as well, and the Council of Ministers BiH will further decide on that.

According to current legal provisions, it is prescribed that excises on tobacco are increased every year, minimally 0.15 BAM per pack of cigarettes.

During the discussion, it was emphasized that conditions for entity companies to continue with the construction of highways and fulfilling their needs towards creditors will be created with distribution of dedicated funds from road tolls.

The Board of ITA BiH did not give positive opinion on the Proposal of amendments to the Law on Excise Duties, which is related to the decrease of excises on fuel, and which is in the process of proposal of three representatives of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH.

(Source: S. H./Klix.ba)


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