Ensad Karic: We will invest 640 Million Euros in Highways

Ensad Karic (1)The director of the PE Highways of the FBiH, Ensad Karic, emphasized in a talk for that in 2015, this enterprise plans to build additional 80 kilometers of highway at the Corridor VC, and estimated value of the investment is more than 640 million euros.

Which are projects that “Highways“ plans to begin, relatively, to continue and finish during this year?

This year, the activities on the building of new 11 kilometers on south will begin. It is about the subsection Pocitelj-Medjugorje for the construction of which, companies around the world are interested. We are expecting for works to begin in June this year. On this subsection, the longest bridge at the Corridor Vc will be built, it will be 945 meters long with the maximum height of 100 m above the ground, with monolithic columns and the span construction of 147 meters between columns.

We are also continuing the building of new 10 kilometers of highway towards the north. It is about the section Zenica Sjever-Zenica Jug. Activities on the building of the first subsection started in October last year, while we expect the beginning of activities at the second subsection in May this year. The beginning of the building of Zenica detour will be made by domestic companies Hering d.d. Siroki Brijeg and Divel d.o.o. Sarajevo.

The model of concession is implemented for the first time in BiH for the section Zepce-Doboj (39 km) based on the principle Design-Finance-Build-Operate and return to the contractor, for the period of 25 years.

The main project for the section Tarcin-Konjic, 21 km long, is finished. The expropriation, as well as the finding funds for the building is in the progress. PE Highways of the FBiH will propose to the Government and the Assembly of the FBiH the optimization of the route through the mountain Prenj, which will contribute to the savings in the building of highway in an amount of 300 million euros.

How many funds “Highways“ has for these projects, and will the company make some more debts in this year eventually?

For the further building of the Corridor Vc, 240 million euros were provided.

In the jurisdiction of the PE Highways f the FBiH is not just building of the highway, but also the expropriation of land, maintaining and operating, loan repayments and other expenses that this company fulfills at the time from its own funds. Loans that we have raised for the building of highway exclusively, what is called “capital investments“ in economy, the PE Highways of the FBiH will repay from its own funds.

What is the interest of foreign investors for the Corridor Vc?

The building of the highway through the allocation of concessions is an additional way of financing the construction in cases of limited possibilities for capital investments. The realization of this project will have long term effects in the form of better traffic flow, involvement of foreign private capital in projects like this and activation of more branches of economy and industry in such significant projects.


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