Enjoy the Virtual Walk through Sarajevo from the Air

virtual walk sarajevoAfter promoting the cultural, historical, religious, tourist and other objects in the centre and in the old part of Sarajevo through a promotional video “Sarajevo from the sky”, the service “Sarajevo360 – Map of the town with a virtual display of the streets” is now offering a virtual walk through Sarajevo from the air as well.

The goal is to increase the visibility of B&H and Sarajevo on the tourist map of the world through a virtual display and to contribute to the promotion of tourist and economic potentials of the town.

This attractive walk is trying to attract more foreign tourists and with the help of modern technologies improve the mobility of foreign and local tourists.

This brand new way of providing information on objects and tourist sites in the town has other conveniences too, yet to be presented by the BetaTelStudio company.

The link to the virtual walk is available here: http://www.sarajevo360.ba/bs/iz-zraka#

(Source: Klix)

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