Enjoy Photos of BiH Mountains and Lakes

jezero02Lakes across the country were inspiration for Michal Sleczeku from Poland to make a series of photographs.

Sleczek in BiH came in February this year. Beauty of the mountains in our national land simply amazed him and he decided to perpetuate the most beautiful parts through him camera.

“I was curious when the beauty of this country is concerned. I realized that the beautiful mountains and lakes, in addition to the people and culture of this country, is the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced“, says Sleczek for Klix.ba.

Of  all the lakes, which, he says, saw,  two were particularly breath taking. These are Blidinje and Boračko lake. Besides these, the employee EUFOR and Getty Images photographer, was on Prokoško, Jablanica and Rama Lake

Besides the lakes, on his official profile Google + can be watches even the photos of BiH mountains, National Park Sutjeska, waterfalls all over the country, as well as many other photos that are related to BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)

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