Engineer from Tuzla created his own electric car

elecric carEngineer from Tuzla Almir Cipurković proved that you can ride 100 kilometres and spent only 32 pfenings, writes Dnevni Avaz.

He made his electric car, which is the first hand-made registered car in BiH.

Cipurković spent three months redesigning the engine, and after that, he spent several months testing it and later proved that the car can operate in any weather.

He added that battery for the car needs to be recharged for half hour and then he drive for around 100 kilometres, and although he invested 8000 BAM in this car, in next three years he’ll save that amount of money on fuel.

Cipurković noted that the battery can stand 5000 recharges or 2.5 million kilometres, and the car can reach speed up to 120 kilometres per hour.

The registration of the car was 125 BAM which is around 200 BAM cheaper than for other engines. His car is the first registered electric car in BiH.

(photo: toryaardvark)

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