Energa Fair: Idea of virtual referral Institute from the Field of Energy presented

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]The sixth International specialized fair of energy Energa 2016 was officially closed yesterday, with an award ceremony. This unique gathering treated the field of energy, industry and mining in the past three days, through fair-conference program.

Organizers, and especially exhibitors, left this year’s Energa satisfied, announcing their arrival in Tuzla next year as well.

The unique business event gathered a large number of representatives of companies, embassies and research institutions close to the energy sector in BiH and the region.

“We are very satisfied with this year’s fair, given that numerous delegations who expressed their desire to meet with exhibitors and establish contacts with potential partners. Over the course of three days, we have seen active contacts on booths, which is by itself a guarantee for complete success of this fair. Energa is not a fair of mass gathering; it is a typical business fair, and expectations we had in terms of contacts which were to be established have been met,” stated the President of the Administration of Energa, Zlatko Alidžanović.

This year’s partner country of the specialized energy fair in Tuzla was the Czech Republic. This country was represented by 20 companies which are the best in their field of operation.

On the last day of the fair, the idea about the establishment of the so-called virtual referral institute in the field of energy was presented.

“The basis of the idea is that we, in the Chamber of Commerce of FBiH, together with partner institutions, form a kind of virtual referral institute in the field of energy. In this way, all expert powers would be joined. Thereby, everyone who is interested in investing in this field, in finding a partner, in doing a certain feasibility study or project revision, could get the right address in one place. We have been working on this project with our partners for half a year already, and with full working material we will inform the pertinent institutions which are supposed to give a kind of permit for formation of one such institute. We want this to be one referral virtual institute as a replacement for those institutes which this country once had, with the existence of large industrial systems which are no longer present,” explained Mirsad Jašarspahić, President of the Organizational Committee of Energa.

BiH has an energy potential which must be used; it was one of the recommendations sent from this three-day event in Tuzla.


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