International Fair “Energa 2015“ to be held in Tuzla

Energa 2015 TuzlThe International Fair of Energetics „ENERGA 2015“, will experience its fifth edition in Tuzla in the period from 9th to 12th June 2015.

This year, there was a great interest for participation in the Program “ENERGA“, due to which, exhibition capacities were filled two months in advance. During the three days of the fair in SKPC Mejdan in Tuzla, more than 50 exhibitors who come from 11 European and Asian countries, will gather in presentation facilities,

As in previous year, Program “ENERGA“ will be the meeting place of representatives of renowned domestic and international companies and institutions that present their various research and production achievements, trends and achievements in modern energetics, as well as different forms of business cooperation, to the expert-relevant public.

Attendance to the fair facilities is free, but with a prior registration though the fair web site or e-mail address: During the fair, registration of visitors will be possible at the fair information desk in SKPC Mejdan.

Organizer of the Program “ENERGA“ is the Tuzla Fair.

Sponsors of the manifestation are the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations f B&H and the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry of FB&H.

Partners of the project are Foreign Trade Chamber, Chamber of Commerce of FB&H and the Government of Tuzla Canton.


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