Employment increased in every Canton in BiH?

January 31, 2018 10:15 AM

The meeting of the Prime Minister of the FBiH Fadil Novalic and his deputies Jelka Milicevic and Vesko Drljaca with the officials of the governments of all cantons was held yesterday in Sarajevo, and they discussed results of the work of the government at all levels.

“Today’s topic was harmonization of moves. We started from the reform agenda that is considered as the basic determinant of all mandates, and we realized that 17 items are referring to cantons. We discussed everything that has been realized and what is in the process of realization. We paid special attention to the effects of these reforms. The second item was related to the financial effects that were positive in all cantons, from the employment to income. We explained all the possible effects of the application of two crucial laws, the Law on Taxes and the Law on Income,” said Novalic.

He also stated that they discussed the topic of the employment as the main determinant of all the other topics.

“We discussed the employment as the main determinant of topics that we discussed, the part that has the largest importance to our society. We discussed topics where we are interfering with the cantons, and we would like to establish a strategy on that vertical.”

“I am following the overall situation in the FBiH as a prime minister. There is data available for 10 cantons, and each canton has increased the employment rate, which makes a total of 38,000 during our mandate. When it comes to percentages, the highest employment was recorded in Tuzla Canton. That is about 1,100 people in the healthcare sector only,” added PM Novalic.

(Source: N1)



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