Emir Spahić visited NS B&H

The president of NS/FS B&H Elvedin Begić, together with the deputy president of the board for mediation and counseling Ivan Osim organized a New Year meeting with the employers of the General Secretariat. President Begić expressed his wishes for the New 2013 and announced the continuation of actions in the process of reorganization of the Administration in the Federation.

Team leader, Emir Spahić also attended the meeting. Spahić came to Sarajevo because of the special humanitarian manifestation ”Jedan život više”, which was organized by NS/FS B&H and the ”Open Network”. The Chief Secretary Jasmin Baković awarded Spahić for his personal contribution as the team leader for a great start of a new season of the national team.

As the truthful leader of the team, Spahić promised on behalf of all his team players that they will fight for the qualifications in Brazil.


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