Emir Spahic is Conscious and is feeling better

Emir Spahic is feeling better than yesterday and last night and his health condition is completely stable. He is conscious and that makes all members of  the family happy.

This was confirmed for by a person close to the family of Emir Spahic, a former captain of the football team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who was admitted to the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo (KCUS) on Friday at around 15:20 pm after being injured in a horrific car accident that occurred near Gacko.

Spahic underwent complete medical diagnosis by 17:30 on Saturday.

“Now, examinations and remediation follow up. Doctors are optimistic and are currently monitoring two situations in particular. Emir has minor lung and kidney problems, and doctors are monitoring it hour after hour. It is good that all organs are vital and that he is not medically in danger.

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