Emergency Session of Cantonal Government after worsened Epidemiological Situation

The Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, Edin Forto, announced an emergency session of the Cantonal Government for today, due to the growing number of infected people and “obvious non-compliance with the measures of a large number of Canton citizens”.

“The pandemic is not over. Our fellow citizens are dying. BiH and the Federation of BiH are silent about vaccination. With all efforts, the Sarajevo Canton has not yet managed to get vaccines on the market “, stated Forto on his” Twitter “account.

The number of newly infected with coronavirus is rising. At least 402 new cases of the infection have been reported since Friday. 17 people passed away. In Canton Sarajevo (CS), out of 713 people tested, 147 of them were coronavirus positive. Epidemiologists warn that mitigation of the restrictions is one of the main reasons for the worsening of the epidemiological situation.

In the past ten days, there has been a slight increase in the number of newly infected cases in the CS, and the first cases of positive patients for a new strain of coronavirus, the so-called British strain, were also registered. “We, from the Crisis Staff, will wait for a few more days to see if this curve is moving upward, and if so, we will have to take adequate epidemiological measures, that is, we will probably have to strengthen restrictive measures in CS, ” said Haris Vranic, Minister of Health of CS.

Mitigation of epidemiological measures is one of the reasons for the worsening of the epidemiological situation, more precisely it leads to the increase in the number of infected, and thus it is an additional burden on the health system, as epidemiologists state. “If a strain spreads fastly, and definitely this strain spreads fastly, it is harder to control it so the number of patients grows geometrically. This is why we have a much larger number of infected, and therefore we have a much larger number of seriously ill people, and there is more pressure on the health system, ” Ednan Drljevic, infectious disease doctor stated.

From the Public Institution Health Center of CS, they say that 1.427 positive cases were recorded in January, while 607 new cases were registered by February 14th.

“According to our statistics that the Health Center of CS has, so I dissociate myself from the rest, that is around 18-20 percent. So there is growth, but it is not drastic. We forget the fact that this is the season of flu. February can be the most critical, and sometimes March. This nation must keep a good mental structure and we must all work together to help each other to maintain collective mental health, ” said Arman Sarkic, spokesman of the CS Health Center.

The citizens were also asked what they think about the increased number of infected people.

They said:  ”In my opinion, it’s all a farce. “ “I really don’t know. I believe that the virus exists, but I’m suspicious about the way in which it is transmitted and why it happens like this, and to whom. ” “Maybe they just want to scare off the people. Maybe they want to sell what they procured, the vitamins. ” The Crisis Staffs are once again warning the citizens to respect the determined epidemiological measures, BHRTwrites.

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