Embassy of Germany: We call on all Politicians in BiH to actively counter Genocide Denial

Genocide denial as well as the glorification of genocide and war criminals are unacceptable and undermine Bosnia and Herzegovina’s path towards the EU. We call on all politicians in BIH to actively counter such actions. In this context, the German Federal Foreign Minister Maas has stated: „In a county that wants to join the European Union there simply can be no space for nationalist agitation, the denial of war crimes or the glorification of war criminals,” is stated by Embassy of Germany in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The criminal code amendment should be a starting point for a debate among all political actors in the region about the concrete implementation of the measures.

The genocide at Srebrenica is a historic fact. This has also been stated by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. Relativisation, denial or glorification of war criminals and genocide are inhumane and dishonor the memory of the victims. 

The German Federal government supports all efforts to consolidate the basis for peace and prosperity in Bosnia and Hercegovina – including the work of the High Representative. Reconciliation and trust building remain tasks that should be the key priority for all local and international actors.

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