Embassy: No injured or killed Citizens of BiH during the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

According to the latest information available to the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Israel, none of the BiH citizens residing in that country have been injured or killed during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so far, the Embassy confirmed to BHRT.

The Embassy also states that a group of workers from Usora and Tesanj, who were staying in the north of Israel, returned to BiH today.

The Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Israel recommends citizens to avoid traveling to that country, as well as leaving it.

To recall, on the eve of Eid, and during the last days of Ramadan, the conflict in East Jerusalem has escalated, where so far at least 109 people have been killed in Israeli attacks in Gaza, including 28 children and 15 women, as the Palestinian Ministry of Health based in Gaza reported.

At least 621 people were injured as a result of Israeli airstrikes this week, as the health ministry added. As of Monday, seven Israelis have been killed and more than 200 injured, the Israeli military said.

Meanwhile, Hamas fired another 55 rockets at Israel on Thursday night. Many officials have called for an end to the conflict, but no concrete solution has been reached so far.

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